Lava Share Price as of 22-02-2023 is trading at RS. 133 in the unlisted market.

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Auto, IT and Pharma sectors are expected to benefit further from PLI schemes in the upcoming budget. The government is anticipated to extend existing PLI (Production-Linked Incentive) schemes and combine them with low corporate tax rates to give a boost to the “Make in India” initiative. This is intended to encourage domestic manufacturing and make the country self-reliant in these key industries.
The Production Linked Incentive (PLI) schemes were announced in March 2020 to encourage domestic manufacturing and increase the competitiveness of Indian companies in the global market. Initially, only three sectors were included in the scheme, but as of today, 14 sectors have been included, with a focus on the pharmaceutical industry. Other sectors such as IT hardware, auto, solar, textiles, and food processing have also been included. The total outlay for the scheme is estimated to be 1.9 trillion rupees over a six-year period, with various sectors seeing an increase in allocation.
Electronics manufacturing sector is another important area for the Indian government’s PLI scheme. The scheme for electronics manufacturing, pharma, textiles, and auto components have been developed to promote domestic production and increase competitiveness in these sectors. As of now, 32 companies have been approved for the PLI scheme for electronics manufacturing, and 14 companies have been approved for the PLI scheme for IT and hardware.
PLI scheme has provided an opportunity for companies in various sectors to benefit from the incentives offered by the Indian government. Companies such as Dixon Technologies and Lava International in the IT hardware space and Dell International are expected to see a boost in their production and competitiveness in the global market. 

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Source: Times Of India

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