Terms and Conditions

Payment Policy

At the time of buying shares and securities, the buyer will have to make sure that he uses his/her own bank account/ card for making payment for buying securities. The Buyer can use Debit Cards and UPI as modes for making payments on the portal.

It will always be presumed that buyer uses his/her own bank account for purchasing securities from BOHTI ENTERPRISES LLP – BHARATINVEST. Third Party transactions are strictly prohibited on the platform.

Buyer will be required to make the payments of the stocks, relevant charges and the applicable taxes as displayed on the portal.

Once the payment is done, the Buyer should complete the KYC process in quick easy steps as guided on the portal. Upon failure to complete the said KYC process, BOHTI ENTERPRISES LLP – BHARATINVEST Group shall be at complete discretion to deal with these shares and buyer shall not be entitled to any refund of the payment.

It is explicitly agreed between the Parties that only after receiving full payment towards the shares, the entire lot shall be transferred to the buyer, and due to any reason seller is not able to transfer securities then entire payment is refunded without any penal interest or any other obligation towards BOHTI ENTERPRISES LLP – BHARATINVEST.

Delivery of Shares and Securities
Buyer will be delivered securities in accordance with the applicable law. Delivery period of securities in physical and Demat form will be the same as mentioned above. Shares will be transferred only in the name of a person from whose account we receive consideration amount.

The Buyer hereby agrees that in case the Seller is not able to provide inventory for whatsoever reason, the Seller will return the transaction amount (as received from the Buyer) in the same Bank account through which the funds were received, without any penalty or any interest. During the time of high volatility, the chances of changes in prices of the stocks, and unavailability of the inventory in the market, the Seller has a right to cancel the deal and refund the consideration amount to the client. Otherwise, except in the case stated above, it is obligatory for the Buyer to honor and pay the agreed amount in spite of any circumstances, force majure shall not be applicable for the Buyer of shares.

Due to any reason, if the seller is not able to transfer securities then entire payment will be refunded without any penal interest or any other obligation towards BOHTI ENTERPRISES LLP – BHARATINVEST.

The shares will be transferred in the Demat account of the Buyer, as per the CMR submitted during the KYC process. The said transfer shall take place as per the normal delivery time, depending on the stocks you choose to invest in.

Physical shares and securities purchased from BOHTI ENTERPRISES LLP – BHARATINVEST should be lodged for transfer with the respective company in accordance with the applicable law. BOHTI ENTERPRISES LLP – BHARATINVEST does not take any kind of legal or financial responsibility for the purchased shares and securities in dispute

Shares and Securities posted on BOHTI ENTERPRISES LLP – BHARATINVEST which belongs to Dormant/ Vanished/ Liquidated/ Under-liquidation Company then BOHTI ENTERPRISES LLP – BHARATINVEST and its employees, associates will not be responsible for getting shares and securities transferred in the name of the buyer. Buyers discretion is sought in dealing with Dormant/ Vanished/ Liquidated/ Under-liquidation Company. However, BOHTI ENTERPRISES LLP – BHARATINVEST will exhibit all information of the company on its portal as reflected on the website with all errors and omissions.

In case of any objections received by the buyer in relation to transfer of shares and securities, buyer shall be responsible to provide a copy of courier slip for transfer of shares and only after authentication of the proof is confirmed by the concerned person of ANALAH CAPITAL- TRADE UNLISTED, the case shall be entertained on case to case basis.

Cancellation and Refund Policy for Seller
BOHTI ENTERPRISES LLP – BHARATINVEST can cancel any transaction which buyer has confirmed if they are not able to source shares and in this case buyer will get the entire refund without any penalty or interest.

Cancellation and Refund Policy for Buyer
Buyer shall not be entitled to cancel the order placed for buying the shares and securities available on the portal for selling, once the buyer gives confirmation for buying the said shares and securities.

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