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Rs. 230

About Flipkart Ltd Unlisted Share

Flipkart is a prominent Indian e-commerce company that was founded in 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal (alumni of IIT, Delhi). It started as an online bookstore and soon expanded to lifestyle products, electronics, home essentials, and groceries. The first product they sold was the book- “Leaving Microsoft changed the world to customers from Hyderabad. Today, Flipkart is the biggest online Indian marketplace, employing more than 40k employees, competing with the world leader Amazon. The company is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka.


The two Bansals were former employees of Amazon India, and they used their experience to launch Flipkart, (Similar to Amazon). In starting the company faced many challenges including limited internet penetrations, etc. As the smartphones surge in India, flipkart started flourishing and increased the customer base. In 2009, when Flipkart launched Ekart, the delivery and whole supply chain of the company turned effective and efficient. In 2014, Flipkart created buzz through “Big Billion Day”. However, it could not keep pace when Amazon entered the Indian Market in 2013 and in 2018, Flipkart was acquired by Walmart for $16 billion. This acquisition made Flipkart the largest e-commerce company in India.

The company won several awards including Young Turk of India by CNBC TV in 2012. The founder got 86th position in Forbes in 2015 and the company also got nominated for IndiaMart leaders of tomorrow awards 2011. Many factors can be attributed to the success:-

1. The Cash on Delivery option which retained the customers.
2. The pricing was better than the offline stores.

3. B2B sales models for books in the early stage which peaked its reputation.

Funding Rounds:  Seed Funding: In 2007, Flipkart raised its initial seed funding from various investors, including Accel India.

  1. Series A: In 2009, Flipkart secured its Series A funding from Accel India and Tiger Global Management.

  2. Series B: In 2010, the company raised its Series B funding from Tiger Global Management.

  3. Series C: In 2011, Flipkart received its Series C funding from MIH (part of Naspers Group) and ICONIQ Capital.

  4. Series D: In 2012, the company raised a significant amount of funding from MIH and ICONIQ Capital in its Series D round.

  5. Series E: In 2013, Flipkart raised funding from a group of investors, including DST Global and Accel India.

  6. Series F: In 2014, Flipkart secured a substantial investment from DST Global, Tiger Global Management, and others.

  7. Series G: In 2017, the company raised a massive round of funding from SoftBank Vision Fund, Tencent, and others.


Flipkart operates as an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers across India. The company offers a wide range of products, including books, electronics, fashion, home essentials, and groceries. In 2020, Flipkart launched its own logistics arm, Flipkart Logistics. This move has helped the company to improve its delivery speed and efficiency. Flipkart’s marketplace model allows sellers to list their products on the Flipkart website. Buyers can then browse through the listings and purchase the products that they want. Flipkart takes a commission from each sale.

Flipkart earns money through a variety of sources, including:

 Commissions from sellers: Flipkart takes a commission from each sale that is made on its marketplace.
● Advertising: Flipkart sells advertising space on its website and mobile app.
● Subscription Model: Flipkart has launched “Flipkart Plus” that provides the loyal customers exclusive benefits for a membership fee.

In recent years, Flipkart has continued to diversify its services by venturing into new areas, including digital payments (PhonePe), grocery delivery, and online video
streaming. These strategic expansions have allowed the company to tap into different segments of the Indian market, attracting a broader customer base and strengthening its position in the digital ecosystem. In 2021, Flipkart launched its own grocery delivery service, Flipkart Grocery. This service has been successful in capturing market share from traditional grocery retailers.


n 2022, Flipkart’s total revenue was $17.6 billion with 300 million registered users. Flipkart has over 3 million sellers on its platform. Flipkart ships over 1 million orders per day having a market share of over 40% in the Indian e-commerce market. With the backing of Walmart and a continuous focus on customer-centric solutions,
Flipkart is poised to shape the future of e-commerce in India and beyond.

The company has acquired various companies such as Myntra, Phonpe, Cleartip, Jabong and many others.

Competitors: Flipkart’s main competitor in the Indian market is Amazon India, which is the local arm of the global e-commerce giant Amazon. Another significant competitor is Snapdeal, which operates as an online marketplace in India.

Big News: One of the most significant events in Flipkart’s history was its acquisition by Walmart in 2018. Walmart acquired approximately 77% of Flipkart’s stake for $16 billion, making it one of the largest e-commerce acquisitions in the world. This deal allowed Walmart to gain a substantial presence in the rapidly growing Indian e-commerce market

As per latest reports, flipkart unlisted share/stock price is INR 230 Per share with a face value of Rs 10 per share.

The company has no plans for it’s IPO yet and can’t be traded on NSE as of now now. The IPO Price Band of flipkart shares is not known as of now. Once after lisitng, flipkart share price will be decided on the basis of fundamentals and demand and supply forces of the market. You can check the daily price of flipkart using bharatinvest’s platform or may join our community to get regular updates

Flipkart share price

Flipkart Ltd Unlisted Share IPO Details

  • Flipkart has no plans for IPO right now. Even if it comes with it’s IPO, it is expected that it will be launched in internationl markets after it’s acquisition by Walmart. You can get latest price for Flipkart unlisted shares at bharatinvest. 
  • You can get all details regardind all unlisted shares oppportunites available and their IPO news, GMP, Funding  rounds, acquisitions and much more.

Flipkart Ltd Share Price

Flipkart Ltd share price is decided on the basis of it’s funding round that it raised from it’s investors. After that, price is decided by the forces of demand and supply as same as listed market. Flipkart Ltd share price is Rs 40 per share with a face value of Rs 1. 

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FAQs- ESDS Unlisted Share

Please find below the procedure for buying Flipkart Ltd Unlisted Shares/Pre-IPO shares at Bharat Invest.

  • You confirm booking of Flipkart Ltd Unlisted Shares/Pre-IPO shares with us at a specified price.
  • You have to provide your client master report along with PAN Card and Cancelled Cheque in case you are not transferring funds from the bank account as mentioned in the CMR Copy. These are KYC documents required as per SEBI regulations.
  • We will provide our bank details.
  • You need to transfer funds in the current account of bharatinvest.
  • No cash deposit is accepted
  • Payment has to be done from the same account in which shares are to be credited.
  • We ensure delivery of Flipkart Ltd unlisted shares within 24 hours.
  • Incase of non-availability of shares, we refund the amount to the same bank account within 24 hours.
  • For detailed discussion, you can contact us via any medium.

Please find below the procedure for selling Flipkart Ltd Unlisted Shares/Pre-IPO shares at Bharat Invest.

  • We will confirm our buying price of Flipkart Ltd Unlisted Shares/Pre-IPO shares.
  • We will give you our client master report and you will transfer the Flipkart Ltd  Unlisted Shares/Pre-IPO shares to our demat account.
  • We will transfer the funds in your bank account within 24 hours of receiving the Flipkart Ltd Unlisted Shares/Pre-IPO shares .
  • All the transactions will be bank to bank.
  • Payment will be given in the same account which is linked to demat account or you need to provide the cancelled cheque shows your name to verify.
  • You can contact us through any medium for a detailed discussion. 
  • The lockin period is of 6 months for pre-ipo investors i.e. they cannot sell their shares for 6 months after they get listed. However, they can definitely sell the shares in pre-ipo market before they get listed.


  • With BharatInvest , you can now invest in unlisted/pre-ipo shares with as low as 25-50k depending upon the share.


  • You can download the NSDL or CDSL application and login into the account and check whether the shares have been credited or not.
  • Credit of Unlisted Shares/Pre-IPO shares Unlisted Shares can be checked in brokers application as well but it takes T+2 days to show the shares.


  • The value of share in unlisted space is determined in the same way as it is done in listed market. Demand and supply decide the price of any share. If the demand more than the supply, then the prices of the share increases and vice versa.
  • When a new shares is introduces in the unlisted space, the value of the company is decided upon the last funding raised by company. If the company hasn’t raised any funding in the past, then the valuation is decided upon the fundamentals of the company.


  • All the transactions are done DEMAT to DEMAT. All the unlisted shares traded with us are available in demat accounts and are transferred to your demat within 24 hours of payment.

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