Investing in unlisted shares requires investors to share their Client Master Report with the Bharatinvest-Leading Marketplace for unlisted shares.

  1. How to Get a Client Master Report From Zerodha?
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In order to get Client master report from zerodha, you need to first go to console in zerodha’s application or website, then go to accounts then documents and then select CMR. Check whole pocess here:

CMR is a signed document and helps unlisted intermediary to get all details about the client’s demat where the shares need to be transferred. However, keep note that you cannot buy unlisted shares directly through zerodha.

2) How to Get a Client Master Report From GROWW?

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Getting CMR from groww is a very simple process. You can get it from accounts section under the reports section. Then to go CMR and request to mail it. Hurray! After this you can invest in unlisted shares with bharatinvest. However, note that you cannot invest in unlisted shares directly from groww.

Click here to get more details about the same

You need an intermediary like bharatinvest to complete the deal. All the unlisted shares are transferred to your demat within 24 hours of payment. Shares are visible in your demat account and groww application.

3) How to Get a Client Master Report From Upstox?

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Here is a step by step guide on how GET CMR from Upstox.

You need to go the my account section, then My Profile, Then documents and click on get CMR. Click on this link for the same. However, you cannot buy unlisted shares from upstox directly. Unlisted shares are transferred to your upstox demat account.

Apart from these there are a number of brokers such as ICICI Securities, HDFC Securities and many more. You can get CMR from your account, report section and request for CMR. You can also request your relationship manager for the same.

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