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Lets Analyze Orbis Financial for FY22-23 Results. How it affects Orbis Share Price?

    1. Introduction

Established in 2005, Orbis Financial Corporation Limited is an established Financial Services Company committed towards Investor servicing in inter-related verticals namely Custody & Fund Accounting services, Equity and Commodity derivatives clearing, Currency derivatives clearing, Registrar and Transfer Agency and Trustee services.

Orbis client base includes varied category of institutional and retail investors including FPI, FDI, Mutual Funds, Endowments & Trusts, High Networth Individuals, AIFs, Stock Brokers, Private Bankers and Portfolio

The Company is headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, while the Marketing Office is situated in Mumbai



Asset Under Custody: AUC increased from Rs 67,369 Cr in FY22 to Rs 81,160 Cr in FY23.

PAT increased from Rs 47 Cr in FY22 to Rs 89.57 Cr in FY23

EPS increased from Rs 5.41 in FY22 to Rs 8.94 in FY23.

Total Net worth of the company increased from Rs 223 Cr to Rs 429 Cr in FY23.

Orbis aims to clock a revenue of Rs 500 Cr in FY24 and PAT of Rs 100 Cr in FY 24. At this growth, it may provide good returns to the investors.


During FY22-23, orbis:

Crossed 2,700 mark of onboarded custody clients with Assets under Custody increasing to INR 81,160 crores as on March 31, 2023

Average volume across cash and derivative markets increases to INR 13,000 crores on daily basis



Currently the PE Ratio of Orbis is 13 at a share price of Rs 125. Upcoming expectations of results and growth projections may affect orbis share price and may make it move in the upward direction. However, do your own due diligence before investing in Orbis Unlisted Shares.


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