OYO (Oravel Stays) Unlisted Shares

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₹ -3.14

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₹ 4905 Cr.



₹  -2141 Cr. 



Cashflow from Operations

₹ -3.14

About OYO (Oravel Stays) Unlisted Shares

  • Oyo is a leading, new-age technology platform empowering the large yet highly fragmented global hospitality ecosystem. The company has been focused on reshaping the short-stay accommodation space since our incorporation in 2012 and has developed a unique two-sided technology platform focused on comprehensively addressing key pain points of our patrons (being the owners, lessors, and/or operators of storefronts listed on our platform) on the supply side and our customers (being travellers and guests who book accommodations at our patrons’ storefronts) through our platform on the demand side.


OYO Unlisted Shares (Oravel Stays)
  • The unique business model helps patrons transform fragmented, unbranded, and underutilised hospitality assets into branded, digitally enabled storefronts with higher revenue generation potential and provides the customers with access to a broad range of high-quality storefronts at compelling price points.
  • As of March 31, 2021, Oyo had 157,344 storefronts across more than 35 countries listed on the platform. The patrons use the platform to manage all mission-critical aspects of their business operations. The comprehensive, full-stack technology suite integrates more than 40 products and services across our digital signup and onboarding, revenue management, daily business management, and D2C stacks into the two flagship Patron applications, Co-OYO and OYO OS. Customers can book storefronts through the company’s own D2C channels on our platform and through indirect channels with third-party OTAs. The OYO mobile application offers a variety of digital tools to guide customers throughout their journey, including discovery, seamless booking, pre-stay assistance and cancellations, digital check-ins, and in-stay and post-stay services.
OYO Unlisted Shares (Oravel Stays)
  • According to RedSeer, within the travel and tourism industry, the short-stay accommodation market is one of the fastest-growing segments. The short-stay accommodation segment refers to stays of up to one month, and the market comprises stays across hotels, homes, guesthouses, bed and breakfasts, and campsites for tourists and travelers. From 2015 to 2019, the total short-stay accommodation market grew at a 7.5% CAGR to reach around US$1.3 trillion in 2019. While the industry dipped in 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions, it is projected to revive and reach US$1.1 trillion in 2021. Going forward, the industry is projected to grow at a 6.6% CAGR from 2021 to 2030 to reach US$1.9 trillion in 2030.
OYO Unlisted Shares (Oravel Stays)
  • As per data from Sensor Tower, among travel mobile applications:
  • OYO’s application was the third most downloaded globally in 2020, with 12.8 million downloads, and the most downloaded in Asia, with 11.8 million downloads.
  • OYO users spent 3,232 years’ worth of time on the OYO app in India in FY2021, the highest in India.
  • OYO was identified as the most valuable travel and hospitality brand in India and the 30th most valuable brand overall in India by a study conducted by Kantar for 2020 (BrandZ India 2020 Report; BrandZ Travel and Hospitality category includes airlines, accommodations, and booking platforms).

OYO (Oravel Stays) Unlisted Shares IPO Details

Oyo has filed its DRHP with SEBI and is expected to launch its IPO soon.

OYO share price is trading in the range of Rs. 70-80 in the unlisted market

OYO (Oravel Stays) Share Price

OYO (Oravel Stays) share price is decided on the basis of it’s funding round that it raised from it’s investors. After that, price is decided by the forces of demand and supply as same as listed market. Oyo (Oravel Stays) share price is Rs 70 per share with a face value of Rs 1.

OYO (Oravel Stays) Peers

Following are the close Listed Peers of the company:

OYO (Oravel Stays) Valuation and Analysis

OYO (Oravel Stays) Unlisted Shares Subsidiaries

Oyo has over 128 subsidiaries, associates, and joint ventures. To name a few:

  • OYO Hotels and Homes Private Limited (“OHHPL”)
  • Belvilla AG (“BA”)
  • Dancenter A/S (“DA”)
  • Traum-Ferienwohnungen GmbH (“TFG”)
  • Pt. OYO Rooms Indonesia (“PORI”)
  • Oravel Stays Singapore Pte. Ltd. (“OYO Singapore”)
  • OYO Hotels Singapore Pte Ltd (“OYOHSPL”)
  • OYO Hospitality Netherlands B.V. (“OYO Netherlands”)
  • OYO Technology and Hospitality (UK) Limited (“OTHUL”)
  • OYO Hotels Inc. (“OHI”)
  • OYO Hotel Management (Shanghai) Company Limited (“OHMSCL”)
  • OYO Vacation Homes LLC (“OVHL”)
  • Innov8 Inc. (“Innov8”)
  • OYO Hospitality UK Limited (“OHUL”)
  • OYO Rooms and Hospitality UK Limited (“ORHUL”)
  • Admiral Strand Feriehuse ApS (“ASFA”)
  • Belvilla Alquiler de Vacaciones Espaa S.L. (“BADVES”)
  • Belvilla Deutschland GmbH (“BDG”)
  • Belvilla Ferienwohnungen GmbH (“BFG”)
  • Belvilla France SARL (“BFS”)
  • Belvilla Croatia Ltd. (“BCL”)
  • Belvilla Italia Srl (“BIS”)
  • Belvilla Nederland BV (“BNB”)
  • Belvilla Services BV (“BSB”)
  • Dancenter EDB-Service ApS (“DESA”)
  • Dancenter GmbH (“DG”)
  • Guerrilla Infra Solutions Private Limited (“GISPL”)
  • Loc Vacances S.à.r.l. (“LVS”)
  • OYO Hospitality & Information Technology (Shenzhen) Company Limited (“OHITSCL”)
  • OYO Hospitality Company W.L.L. (“OHCWLL”)
  • OYO Hotels Canada Inc. (“OHCI”)
  • OYO Hotels Switzerland GmbH (“OHSG”)
  • Oyo Life Real Estate LLC (“OLREL”)
  • OYO Mypreferred Hospitality UK Limited (“OMHUL”)
  • OYO Mypreferred Hospitality II UK Limited (“OMHUL-II”)
  • OYO Mypreferred Hospitality III UK Limited (“OMHUL-III”)
  • OYO Mypreferred Hospitality USA Inc. (“OMHUA”)
  • OYO Oravel Technology Company (“OOTC”)
  • OYO Rooms Hospitality SDN BHD (“ORHSB”)
  • OYO Technology & Hospitality (Vietnam) LLC (“OTHVLLC”)
  • OYO Technology & Hospitality, SL (“OTHS”)
  • OYO Technology and Hospitality (Thailand) Limited (“OTHTL”)
  • OYO Technology and Hospitality FZ-LLC (“OTHF”)
  • OYO Technology and Hospitality LLC (“OTHL”)
  • OYO Technology and Hospitality Philippines Inc. (OTHPI)
  • OYO Vacation Homes Rental L.L.C. (“OVHRL”)
  • OYO Workspaces India Private Limited (“OWIPL”)
  • Pt. OYO Hotels Indonesia (“POHI”)
  • Residence de Monbrison A/S (“RDMA”)
  • Saudi Hospitality Systems for Consultations and Research (“SHSCR”)
  • Wolters Ferienhaus GmbH (“WFG”)
  • Beijing Bei Ke You Jia Technology Company Limited (“BBYTCL”)
  • Beijing Jiayoulewan Technology Company Limited (“BJTCL”)
  • Dalian Qianyu Wanyu Trading Company Limited (“DQWTCL”)
  • Mypreferred Transformation and Hospitality Private Limited (“MTHPL”)
  • OC Investor 803 ECT Expressway, LLC (“OCI LLC”)
  • Oravel Technology & Hospitality Lanka (Pvt) Limited (“OTHLPL”)
  • OYO Hotels France S.A.R.L. (“OHFS”)
  • OYO Hotels Germany GmbH (“OHGG”)
  • OYO Hotels Italia S.R.L. (“OHIS”)
  • OYO Hotels Netherlands B.V. (“OHNBV”)
  • OYO Kitchen India Private Limited (“OKIPL”)
  • OYO Rooms & Technology LLC (“ORTL”)
  • OYO Vacation Homes Holding B.V. (“OVHHB”)
  • OYO Vacation Homes UK Limited (“OVHUL”)
  • OYO (Shanghai) Investment Company Limited (“OSICL”)
  • OYO Hospitality Inc.
  • OYO Technology and Hospitality (China) Pte Limited (“OTHCPL”)


OYO (Oravel Stays) Unlisted Shares Board Members

OYO (Oravel Stays) Unlisted Shares Consolidated Results

Profit and Loss Statement

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OYO (Oravel Stays) Unlisted Shares FAQs

Please find below the procedure for buying OYO (Oravel Stays) Unlisted Shares/Pre-IPO shares at Bharat Invest.

  • You confirm booking of OYO (Oravel Stays) Unlisted Shares/Pre-IPO shares with us at a specified price.
  • You have to provide your client master report along with PAN Card and Cancelled Cheque in case you are not transferring funds from the bank account as mentioned in the CMR Copy. These are KYC documents required as per SEBI regulations.
  • We will provide our bank details.
  • You need to transfer funds in the current account of bharatinvest.
  • No cash deposit is accepted
  • Payment has to be done from the same account in which shares are to be credited.
  • We ensure delivery of OYO (Oravel Stays) unlisted shares within 24 hours.
  • Incase of non-availability of shares, we refund the amount to the same bank account within 24 hours.
  • For detailed discussion, you can contact us via any medium.


Please find below the procedure for selling OYO (Oravel Stays) Unlisted Shares/Pre-IPO shares at Bharat Invest.

  • We will confirm our buying price of OYO (Oravel Stays) Unlisted Shares/Pre-IPO shares.
  • We will give you our client master report and you will transfer the OYO (Oravel Stays) Unlisted Shares/Pre-IPO shares to our demat account.
  • We will transfer the funds in your bank account within 24 hours of receiving the OYO (Oravel Stays) Unlisted Shares/Pre-IPO shares.
  • All the transactions will be bank to bank.
  • Payment will be given in the same account which is linked to demat account or you need to provide the cancelled cheque shows your name to verify.
  • You can contact us through any medium for a detailed discussion. 


  • The lockin period is of 6 months for pre-ipo investors i.e. they cannot sell their shares for 6 months after they get listed. However, they can definitely sell the shares in pre-ipo market before they get listed.


  • With BharatInvest , you can now invest in unlisted/pre-ipo shares with as low as 25-50k depending upon the share.


  • You can download the NSDL or CDSL application and login into the account and check whether the shares have been credited or not.
  • Credit of Unlisted Shares/Pre-IPO shares can be checked in brokers application as well but it takes T+2 days to show the shares.


  • The value of share in unlisted space is determined in the same way as it is done in listed market. Demand and supply decide the price of any share. If the demand more than the supply, then the prices of the share increases and vice versa.
  • When a new shares is introduces in the unlisted space, the value of the company is decided upon the last funding raised by company. If the company hasn’t raised any funding in the past, then the valuation is decided upon the fundamentals of the company.


  • All the transactions are done DEMAT to DEMAT. All the unlisted shares traded with us are available in demat accounts and are transferred to your demat within 24 hours of payment.


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