Care Health Insurance Share

From: 187.00

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Care Health Insurance (CHI) offers health insurance to corporate employees, individuals, and for financial inclusion. They have various products like health insurance, critical illnesses, personal accidents, and more. Benefits include hospital care, ambulance service, and tax savings. They won awards like ‘Smart Insurer of the Year’. Their shares are traded in the unlisted market.
Care Health Insurance share price is Rs 180 per share, with a face value of Rs 10.
Close-listed peers include Max Life Insurance and HDFC Life Insurance.

In FY23, Religare Health’s gross written premium jumped by 35%, with profits soaring from INR 11 crore to INR 245 crore from FY22. With a market capitalization to gross written premium ratio of 2.93, it’s valued lower than its peer, Star Health, at 3.11. This indicates that Religare Health is undervalued, presenting an appealing investment prospect. Investing in Religare Health at its current price and growth trajectory could yield long-term benefits for investors.

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