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Orbis Financial Corporation Limited is one of India’s most renowned players in providing security services. Established in 2005, the company began its operations in 2009 and has made substantial progress in the financial markets, providing an optimistic outlook for its investors. The unlisted shares of Orbis Financial Corporation are also generating significant returns for shareholders. But before investing in the company let’s take a look at its performance, fundraising pattern, and stock performance.


‘Custodian of Securities’ is an outstanding provider of monetary security offerings, imparting quite several services along with DDP, Custody and Depository Services, Fund Accounting Services, Derivative Clearing Services, Escrow Services for Securities, Trusteeship Services, and RTA Services.


The company is registered with SEBI as a Designated Depository Participant and Clearing Member on NSE, BSE, MSEI, and MCX. To stay updated with the technologically inclined world, Orbis Financial Corporation Limited has established its digital presence and developed an online platform based on an ERP system for better functioning.


Orbis Financial Corporation Limited played a role in building the financial capital market by providing a wide range of security services to various investors such as FPIs, FDIs, MFs, Insurance companies, Stock Brokers, Private Banks, Portfolio Managers, AIFs, and other high net worth investors Is. , valuable person. The company portrays a zero-conflict business model in which complete information is disclosed up to the beneficiary level.


As of the end of 2021, the company has raised fresh capital of Rs. 221.24 million. After taking this into account the total assets of the company are Rs. 1,544.91 million. This gave positive hope to investors to buy unlisted shares of Orbis Financial Corporation. The company is raising funds to remain on the growth journey and generate returns for unlisted shareholders.


Over the past five years, Orbis Financial Corporation Limited’s profitability has improved, which has impacted its market valuation. According to the recent report shared by the company, its market valuation is around Rs 1,981 crore. In 2021-22 the company raised capital of Rs. 22.46 crore by issuing 55,46,771 equity shares at a face value of Rs. 10, based on authority. The company also allotted 11,44,000 equity shares under the Employee Stock Option Scheme.


Orbis Financial Corporation Limited’s net profit increased four times in the last two years. The company recorded an all-time high net profit of Rs 48 crore in FY2012. For investors, it is important to consider Orbis Financial Corporation’s share price and market valuation as these metrics keep changing. Financial parameters and good fundraising patterns indicated the good performance of unlisted shares of Orbis Financial in the gray market. Since the company has not yet listed itself on the stock exchange, you can still buy Orbis Financial Corporation pre-IPO shares to be a part of the company’s growth journey.