Waaree Energies (Solar Panel) Share Price

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  • Waaree Energies is an unlisted company and is India’s leading solar panel manufacturer and holds more than 33+ years of expertise.
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Waaree Energies : Solar Panel share price 


Waaree Energies, established in 1989 and based in Mumbai, India, is a leading solar energy company with the largest solar panel manufacturing capacity in India, located in Gujarat. The company has 1,619 employees, led by Chairman Hitesh Chimanlal Doshi. Notable members of the management team include Vipul Saxena, Rajesh Sharma, and Nitin Kapadnis.

In recent financial reports, Waaree Energies recorded a net profit of ₹938.6 million, thanks to completing over 473 MW of solar projects in the first nine months of FY24. Quarterly revenue for Waaree Renewables Technologies Ltd. surged by 115.11%, with net profit increasing by 157.2% compared to the previous year.

With a 24% market share, Waaree Energies is a significant player in India’s solar PV module manufacturing industry. The company plans to launch an IPO, combining fresh issues and equity shares. 

While Waaree Energies is making strides, Tata remains the most trusted and largest solar manufacturer in India, contributing significantly to India’s sustainable solar power goals.



Q- What is the Waree Energy Unlisted Share Price?

Waree Energy’s unlisted share price is Rs. 2000 per equity share. It is 5% higher compared to its last closing price.

Q- How to Buy Waree Unlisted Share?

You can buy Waree and other companies’ unlisted shares from Bharatinvest. Your share will be credited to your demat account within 24 hours of payment.

Q- Is it legal to purchase Waree Energy shares in India?

Yes, buying and selling unlisted and pre-IPO shares is completely legal in India.