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Pharmeasy Unlisted Shares: Everything You Need to Know

pharmeasy share price

Based on GMV, PharmEasy is the biggest digital healthcare platform in India. It is the greatest platform for online consultations, diagnostic testing, and medication. With 25 million registered customers, 87,194 pharmacies, 3,261 wholesalers, 4,617 clinics, prescribing physicians, and 926 hospitals, PharmEasy is a well-known brand. The company works on advanced AI/ML to manage the workflow and improve its transactions. The unlisted share price of API Holding Ltd. (PharEasy) has experienced a significant decrease in the last few years. The share price dropped from Rs 135 to Rs 22. Despite the unclear circumstances surrounding the company’s rise, investors continue to place bets on the company and receive substantial returns.  According to the RedSeer Report, the company, which was founded on March 31, 2019, is the biggest digital healthcare platform in India (based on the GMV of goods and services sold for the year that concluded on March 31, 2021). API Holdings runs a complete, integrated business with the goal of meeting consumer healthcare needs at the following important stages: supplying digital resources and health and wellness information, providing teleconsultation, providing radiological testing and diagnostics, administering treatment plans, and supplying goods and equipment. The PharmEasy marketplace is powered by the company’s unique technological platform, which also owns the “PharmEasy” trademark. The business has granted Aarman, which owns a 19.99% equity stake, a license to use the brand and the technology. The PharmEasy marketplace is managed by Axelia. PharmEasy Share Price Face Value  ₹ 1 per share Current Ratio 3.67 Code ISIN  INE0DJ201029 PharmEasy Unlisted Share Price ₹ 11/Share Net Profit ₹ -641 Cr Net Revenue ₹ 2360 Cr. ROE -33.51% Lot Size 500 shares Demat Status CDSL, NSDL Market Cap INR 15,972 Cr. Pharmeasy Share IPO Details Although the company had previously filed a DRHP, its preparations for an IPO were withdrawn. As of right now, there are no updates available on Pharmeasy’s IPO. In the unlisted market, Pharmeasy’s share price is now trading between Rs. 18 and Rs. 20. Business Segment of Pharmeasy Company In order to win the trust of different clients, the Pharmeasy online marketplace offers an online platform for security and updates customers easily about their services on a regular basis. This platform operates in a particular manner to guarantee that the drugs and services it offers are of the very best quality and are supplied on schedule. In the first phase of the PharmEasy business plan, the client provides the company with their prescription information. Before this prescription is delivered to a neighboring pharmacy for the customer’s use, it is examined using a certain set of criteria. PharmEasy has a variety of partnerships and authorized pharmacies with which it works to assess prescriptions, essential medications, and other benefits associated with the medication. After that, by the guidelines, a transport company will get the prescription and the drugs so that the pharmacy can confirm and check them. In certain cases, the chemist can also contact you if they have any issues with the prescription. The purchase is dispatched for delivery when it has been validated and examined. Strengths of Pharmaeasy Company The modern world has seen a rise in internet usage due to technological advancements, and many individuals now find it quite easy and simple to make purchases online. It helps firms like PharmEasy, which has been online from the day it was founded, particularly in considering the pandemic and the large number of other companies that have made the switch to the Internet. Valuation and Analysis of PharmEasy PharmEasy was founded in 2014 and obtained angel money in 2015. Following that, the creators took part in further funding rounds. The company’s goals after receiving money from the Series A round were to develop a home diagnostic service and grow its operations to five locations. After the fundraising round, PharmEasy launched its online platform for healthcare products and services, which covered over 700 cities. Clients have well received the platform. PharmEasy combined with Ascent Health and more firms in 2020 and 2021, forming API Holding Limited, the parent company. After that, it purchased a 66% stake in Thyrocare and became the first unlisted business to buy shares of a listed company.  The pre-IPO market performance of PharmEasy is mostly influenced by its financial growth and decrease. In the last two years, the company’s expenses have also soared, rising from Rs 270 crore to Rs 1549 crore. In light of PharmEasy’s IPO announcement, investors should consider current performance while making selections. Experts predict that PharmEasy will grow at a pace of between 30 and 40 percent following the IPO. Before PharmEasy is listed on a stock exchange, you can purchase company shares that are unlisted. Why Should You Purchase Pharmeasy Unlisted Shares? Purchasing unlisted company shares is a fantastic method to lower risk and diversify an investment portfolio. PharmEasy intends to become public this year, so if you invest in its unlisted shares early, you can benefit from long-term profits. The low availability and significant growth potential of PharmEasy’s unlisted shares are further incentives to invest. But, while making an investment in PharmEasy, you should take both past and current performance into account equally. Looking for advice from specialists is the best course of action. You may get the best guidance on unlisted shares by getting in touch with our staff. Retail investors can purchase a variety of blue-chip companies on Stockify, a reliable marketplace for purchasing unlisted shares. Here you Conclusion Making informed decisions in 2024 requires investors to have a thorough understanding of the PharmEasy unlisted share price data. To get the most out of your investing plan, pay attention to market fluctuations and think about taking a diversified approach.

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