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Should you buy Bira 91 unlisted shares?

BIRA Beverages Share (B9 Beverage)

Some of the unlisted shares are always in highlight and always attracts investors interest. The reason behind the same is that these companies are consumer facing and investors are themselves their consumers and thus they are able to align their interest with the company. Let’s discuss about such company that is Bira 91 unlisted shares today in detail: Bira 91 Beer is manufacturer of crafted premium beer and is making it’s way to disrupt the beer industry. There main products include different types of beer that GenZ consumes. Recently, the company has moved beyond beer and started producing Ale and has also launched taprooms that attract a lot of audience and works as a good marketing technique for the company. Bira 91 is backed by a lot of big investors such as kirin holdings and has utilised the funds to grow their costumers base, products lines and manufacturing facilities. Bira 91 has closed their last round of funding at 718 per equity share. Strong institutional investors interest in the company shows that the Bira91 has good future outlook. Let’s take a look on the Bira 91 equity share details as of 15.09.2023 ISIN INE833U01014 SHARE PRICE RS 650 per equity share FACE VALUE RS 10 per equity share INDUSTRY BEER Manufacturing To get latest updates on Bira share price,  Join our Whatsapp Community and Telegram Community Investors usually have a doubt have can buy Bira 91 unlisted shares when the company is private and how are they able to get shares at such undervalued rates? Well to answer this, Bharatinvest unique platform helps investors buy Bira91 unlisted shares . They get access to more than 250+ unlisted shares any time and can invest in highly undervalued shares before their IPO and gain wealth appreciation. FAQ’s You can check on bharatinvest’s high tech platform rates of bira share price ion daily basis. 2) How will i get to know about the latest news of bira91 share? You can check daily news regarding bira ipo, bira funding and everything on our portal 3) How is bira share price affected in the unlisted markets? Demand an supply affect the bira share price in the unlisted markets

Bira 91 Celebrates IPL Season with Limited -Edition Beers and Merchandise in Collaboration with Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capitals


Bira 91, the leading Indian craft beer brand, has announced its latest offering to coincide with the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) season. The company has launched limited-edition beers and merchandise inspired by two popular IPL teams – Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capitals. This move highlights Bira 91‘s commitment to providing customers with innovative and exciting experiences. The limited-edition beers come in stylish cans with the team logos and colors, providing fans with a unique way to support their favorite teams. The merchandise, on the other hand, includes T-shirts, caps, and other accessories that showcase the team spirit of the Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capitals. The collaboration with two IPL teams is a significant milestone for Bira 91, reflecting the brand’s growing presence in the Indian market. With the IPL being one of the most-watched sports leagues in the world, this partnership is expected to generate a lot of interest among cricket fans and beer enthusiasts alike. According to Ankur Jain, the founder and CEO of Bira 91, the collaboration with Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capitals is an exciting opportunity to connect with fans and create a unique brand experience. Jain further stated that Bira 91 is committed to bringing new and innovative ideas to its customers, and the limited-edition beers and merchandise are an excellent example of this commitment. The launch of the limited-edition beers and merchandise also comes at a time when the demand for craft beer is on the rise in India. Bira 91 has been at the forefront of this trend, with its innovative flavors and unique branding. The company’s continued focus on creating new and exciting experiences for its customers is expected to further boost its popularity in the Indian market. Conclusion Bira 91’s collaboration with Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capitals is an exciting development for cricket and beer enthusiasts in India. The limited-edition beers and merchandise offer a unique way for fans to show their support for their favorite IPL teams while enjoying the distinctive flavors of Bira 91’s craft beer. This move also highlights the company’s commitment to innovation and customer experience, which is expected to fuel its growth in the Indian market. BIRA 91 share price as of 27/04/2023 is Rs 720. Get regular updates on BIRA91 share Price , unlisted shares only on Bharat Invest. 

Bira 91 forays into the Seltzers, launches ‘Grizly’ Hard Seltzer Ale

Bira Share Price as of 22-02-2023 is trading at RS. 765 in the unlisted market. You can connect with bharatinvest to invest in Bira share. Get regular updates on Bira share, share price, news, corporate actions. Indian craft beer brand Bira 91 has forayed into the Hard Seltzers category with the launch of ‘Grizly’ Hard Seltzer Ale. The launch comes shortly after the introduction of ‘Hill Station’ Hard Cider Ale and is part of the brand’s ambition to move beyond beers to cater to the evolving preferences of young consumers. With the lines between different types of beverages also blurring, Bira 91’s ‘Grizly’ Hard Seltzer Ale brings consumers the best of bespoke cocktails, wine, and beer – in one single can. Offering an all-natural, low-sugar option that is tailor made for mindful consumers, this blend is crafted by master mixologists, who have taken inspiration from classic cocktails to deliver an unparalleled drinking experience, the company further said. Bira91 says Grizly Hard Seltzer Ales are all-natural, low sugar, drinks that infuse finest herbs and fruits that nature has an offer with alcohol. Available in three flavours-Pineapple & Okinawa, Peach & Black Tea, and Blueberry & Rosemary, these seltzers have been masterfully twisted by expert mixologists and are highly sessionable REPORT: BIRA UNLISTED SHARE SOURCE: BUSINESSLINE

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