Should you buy Bira 91 unlisted shares?

BIRA Beverages Share (B9 Beverage)

Some of the unlisted shares are always in highlight and always attracts investors interest. The reason behind the same is that these companies are consumer facing and investors are themselves their consumers and thus they are able to align their interest with the company. Let’s discuss about such company that is Bira 91 unlisted shares […]

Bira 91 Celebrates IPL Season with Limited -Edition Beers and Merchandise in Collaboration with Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capitals


Bira 91, the leading Indian craft beer brand, has announced its latest offering to coincide with the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) season. The company has launched limited-edition beers and merchandise inspired by two popular IPL teams – Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capitals. This move highlights Bira 91‘s commitment to providing customers with innovative and […]

Bira 91 forays into the Seltzers, launches ‘Grizly’ Hard Seltzer Ale

Bira Share Price as of 22-02-2023 is trading at RS. 765 in the unlisted market. You can connect with bharatinvest to invest in Bira share. Get regular updates on Bira share, share price, news, corporate actions. Indian craft beer brand Bira 91 has forayed into the Hard Seltzers category with the launch of ‘Grizly’ Hard Seltzer Ale. The launch comes […]

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