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Unlisted Shares are those shares which are not listed on any stock exchange. There are more 300+ unlisted companies whose shares are traded on BHARATINVEST. One of those shares is National Stock Exchange (NSE shares) itself. This means you can buy or sell NSE Unlisted shares i.e. even when the company is not listed on any stock exchange. NSE Share Price is regularly updated on BharatInvest Portal at which one can buy or sell the shares.

As of 15.09.23, NSE Unlisted shares are available at:


NSE unlisted shares have provided a return of 3x over the past 3 years to it’s investors. This moment can also be seen in the fundamental growth of the company. Let’s talk deeply about NSE itself further in this blog:

Investing in NSE Unlisted shares at a price of Rs 3500 per equity share can be a good choice. Nse is India’s largest and fastest growing stock exchange. Nse enables buying and selling of listed securites and offers different types of instruments such as cash, Derivatives and many more. NSE currently holds monopolistic position in the Derivates in the market.

The revenue of the company has grown mutlifolds over the past few years that is it grew from Rs 6200 Cr in FY21 to Rs 9499 Cr in FY22 to Rs 1158 Cr in FY23.’

The profit of the company also grew at the same pace i.e. from Rs 3573 Cr in FY 21 to Rs 5198 Cr in FY22 to Rs 7356 Cr in FY 23. which shows company is fundamentally strong and is making good position in the market.

At a price of RS 3500 per share, NSE UNLISTED SHARES are available at just a PE RATIO of 23 while it’s competitor BSE is trading at a PE Ratio of 82 which makes NSE a undervalued company and investing in it’s unlisted shares can provide potential good returns to the investors.


To buy NSE unlisted shares, you can simply visit bharatinvest portal, check price and confirm the quantity you wish to purchase. After that you will be guided by an investment banker of bharatinvest from the KYC to entire documentation to shares transfer. Enjoy the hassle free experience of investing in nse unlisted shares by using bharatinvest trusted platform.


1) Will NSE unlisted shares be credited to my demat account?

Yes, NSE unlisted shares are credited to your demat account.

2) What happens after NSE unlisted shares are listed?

After Nse shares are listed, shares are linked to the market and take live from the exchange. You can trade in NSE Shares after 6 months of lockin period after IPO.

3) How to track NSE Unlisted share price?

You can check daily price of NSE unlisted share at bharatinvest platform.

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