One of the most significant stock exchanges in India is the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE), which is situated in Mumbai. It offers traders and investors an advanced trading platform to make electronic trading easier. With its main office located in Mumbai, the National Stock Exchange of India Limited is the largest financial exchange in the nation. In this article, we are going to discuss the NSE Unlisted Share Price and everything you need to know about the NSE. So, without having you wait, let’s start. 

What is the National Stock Exchange (NSE)?

NSE unlisted share price

The biggest financial market in India is the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE). Since its 1994 inception and 1992 incorporation, the NSE has grown into an advanced electronic market.

Based on market capitalization, the NSE ranked as the sixth-largest stock exchange globally as of December 2023. The largest financial market in India is the NSE. NSE was also India’s first exchange to offer completely automated, modern electronic trading. With the introduction of the first electronic limit order book for trading ETFs and derivatives, the stock exchange has led the way in the Indian financial markets.

A top market for businesses looking to list on a significant exchange is the NSE. Increased transparency in trade matching and the settlement process is made possible by the huge amount of trading activity and the use of automated technology. This alone has the potential to increase market awareness and inspire confidence among investors. Modern technology also makes it possible to fill orders more quickly, which increases availability and provides exact pricing.

The wholesale debt market and cash market were introduced in 1994, marking the start of trading on the NSE. Additionally, NSE has subsidiaries that trade in India and other nations. The Securities and Exchange Board of India’s (SEBI) laws and regulations are also observed by NSE to be followed by listed businesses and traders.

When considering the involvement of investors in the stock market, FY21–22 was among the most significant years for the National Stock Exchange (NSE) over the previous ten years. In the equity derivatives markets, NSE has a 100% market share, while in the capital markets, it holds a 94% market share. 

Details of the National Stock Exchange Unlisted Shares (NSE) IPO

Though it has previously submitted an application for an IPO, the National Stock Exchange does not now have any plans to go public. The colocation that SEBI imposed on NSE, which led to NSE having to pay SEBI INR 1000 Cr, caused the NSE IPO to be delayed. However after intense effort by SAT and SAC, NSE prevailed in the lawsuit, and SEBI was given the go-ahead to reimburse NSE for INR 1000 Cr. Additionally, this had a favorable impact on NSE’s share price in the unlisted market. SEBI has nevertheless issued a supplementary request to investigate the matter. We anticipate the NSE IPO happening soon after all delegations have concluded.

Business Model of NSE Unlisted Share

The primary goal of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) is to provide an online marketplace for stock purchases and sales. The primary source of revenue is transaction fees, which investors and traders pay to exchange trades on the NSE platform. to develop extra revenue streams. The NSE business model’s overarching objective is to generate new revenue streams that enhance the value of its technology offerings and services while facilitating quick and transparent trade. 

Valuation And Analysis of the National Stock Exchange (NSE)

Among the best shares available in the unlisted market are NSE shares. They have given the unlisted investors outstanding returns. When considering the PE Ratio, NSE is trading at a ratio of merely 23, whilst BSE, its main rival, is trading at a ratio of 71. This suggests that the price of NSE unlisted shares may rise to INR 9000. Because of this, investing in NSE unlisted shares is a great idea because they are a very cheap counter. Additionally, NSE deserves special recognition because it holds a monopoly in futures and options and is far larger than BSE.

Functions of the National Stock Exchange 

The NSE was founded with the purpose of carrying out the following duties:

NSE Unlisted Share Price

Face Value ₹ 1 per share
P/E Ratio23
Code ISIN INE721I01024
NSE Unlisted Share Price₹ 6400
Net Profit₹ 7356 Cr
Net Revenue₹ 11586 Cr.
EPS ₹ 148

How To Buy NSE Unlisted Share Price With BharatInvest

The steps for purchasing National Stock Exchange (NSE) unlisted shares or pre-IPO shares at Bharat Invest are described below:


As investors prepare for 2024, having a clear understanding of the NSE share price details is important to make informed decisions. Keep an eye out for market trends and consider a diversified approach to make the most out of your investment plan.

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