This Semiconductor Manufacturing company has been creating buzz in the unlisted market from past 4 months. Lets dive deep into Polymatech Electronics Unlisted Shares future and share price moment in the private markets….

As of 15.09.23, following are the Polymatech unlisted shares details:

Share PriceRS 495
Face ValueRS 10
IndustrySemiconductor Manufacturing

Polymatech Electronics Business Details

Tamil Nadu based company is India’s first semi-conductor chip ,manufacturer. The company has 2 plants in operation as of now:

Plant 1: Located in Oragadam, Sriperumbudur, the biggest automobile hub in South Asia, one of the fastest-growing suburbs of Chennai and is evolving into a multi- faceted industrial zone.

Plant 2: Coming up at the bottom of Krishnadevaraya Hills, Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu and is located 250 km from Chennai, and 90 km from Bengaluru.

With both of these plants, company manufacturer 300 Million chips each year which it wishes to expand upto 20 Billion chips per year.

Applications and Products of Polymatech :

The company produces Luminaries and Semi conductor chips which are extensively used in various industries such as :

1) Automotive Industry: Chips are used in Automotives as they are getting mode advance and tech driven

2) Mobile Devices: Polymatech electronics unlisted shares innovative 5G Tech is making great ways in the smartphone industry. It’s chips are being used in 5G revolution

3) Computing: The unprecedented growth in the volume of data created, moved, replicated and store is being fueled by the coalescence of 5G, IoT, AI and increasing real-time analytics requirements.

And many other industries such as ARTIFICAL INTEGELLENCE, IOT amongst others.


Polymatech currently produces 300 Mn chips per year and is facing fabulous demand from each sector and thus it is planning to inject more then 1BN Dollar into its manufacturing facilities to expand the production. This growth can also been seen it’s financial growth. As reported by the company, we can see 400% CAGR per year in the fundamental growth of the company. We will discuss about the financials of the polymatech in the next blog.

Polymatech Unlisted Share Price Moment:

Early investors of the company have been reported to earn more than 500% on their capital. Some investors have also invested at Rs 80 per share 2-3 years back when the company was small and now the share price is around Rs 490 per equity share. Such increase in the price can also be seen in the fundamental growth of the company.

How to Buy Unlisted shares of Polymatech Electronics Limited?

Bharatinvest : India’s largest pre-ipo marketplace facilitates buying and selling of shares of polymatech electronics. If you wish to buy Polymatech electronics shares at best price you can connect with the team and they will guide you with the entire process. The best part is that you get shares delivery within 24 hours and that too in your demat.


1)1) Will Polymatech Electronics unlisted shares be credited to my demat account?

Yes, Polymatech Electronics unlisted shares are credited to your demat account.

2) What happens after Polymatech Electronics unlisted shares are listed?

After Polymatech Electronics shares are listed, shares are linked to the market and take live from the exchange. You can trade in Polymatech Electronics Shares after 6 months of lockin period after IPO.

3) How to track Polymatech Electronics Unlisted share price?

You can check daily price of Polymatech Electronics unlisted share at bharatinvest platform.

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