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Launched in 2007, LE Travelnews Technology (Ixigo) is a company that focuses on Indian travel to plan, book, and manage their trips across rail, buses, air, and hotels. The company earns approximately 93% of its consolidated revenues from ticketing. According to the DRHP filed by the company, it has 6.5 crore registered users and 3.7 crore monthly active users. The unlisted share price of the company is around Rs. 2170 crores.


Ixigo is a travel agency with over 55 million monthly active users and 5 million daily users. The valuation of the company is Rs 3343 crore. The valuation of the company in 2022 was around ₹ 2171 crore, hence there has been an increase of 50% in the valuation of the company. The number of website users also increased by approximately 50%. Earlier the monthly users on the platform were 3.7 crore. This will also have a positive impact on the unlisted share price of Ixigo.


LE TravelNews Technology is a growing company gaining a leading position in market share. Please review the unlisted share price of Ixigo in India from December 21 to November 22.


Ixigo’s unlisted shares have been traded for a long time. However, the Ixigo unlisted share price is something that fluctuates frequently. In 2019, the company’s unlisted shares were approximately priced at ₹180, and they declined to a low of ₹75 in December 2022. However, now the shares are back to ₹140 in December 2023.


An unlisted share price of Ixigo declined 2.5% – 4.8% to Rs 195 – 200. While this is a record price for unlisted shares a year ago, Ixigo’s share price today stands at Rs. 101.9 per equity.


As a potential investor, if you are looking for a long-term investment, it would be beneficial for you to buy unlisted shares of Ixigo. As it is the largest travel online aggregator company in India after MakeMyTrip, the total recorded income of the company in FY22 was Rs 3,849.41 crore which was Rs 1384.06 crore in FY21. Undoubtedly, the company is growing and will generate massive revenues in the coming years. 


A major reason to consider buying Ixigo’s unlisted shares is the growth in its revenue and other metrics. In FY 2021-22 the company earned revenue of ₹384.9 crore with an EBITDA loss of ₹7 crore and PAT loss of ₹21 crore, while in FY 2022-23 the company earned revenue of ₹517.6 crore. With EBITDA of ₹45 crore and PAT of ₹23 crore. This shows that the company is performing well, which is very promising for Ixigo’s unlisted share price, and will also attract more investors.