OYO (Oravel Stays) Unlisted Shares

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Oravel Stays Limited (OSL) owns and operates ‘oyorooms.com’, an online hotel booking platform. The company has more than 157,000 hotels and residences in 35 countries such as India, China, Malaysia, Nepal, Indonesia, and the United Arab Emirates. OSL was incorporated in 2012 and its registered office is located in Gujarat.


OYO Rooms offers its customers air-conditioned accommodation, breakfast, WIFI, toilet, television, spotless clean linen, and other facilities. The authorized capital of the company is Rs. 229.14 crores, and the paid-up capital is Rs. 41.27 crores. According to the company’s financial report, the company’s operating revenue for the financial year ending March 31, 2022, is more than Rs 500 crore.


In a statement to the press, OYO said that they will repay 30% of their outstanding loans as part of their buyback initiative. The loan amount to be repaid is ₹1600 crore. Repayment of the loan is scheduled for 2026. The announcement comes after Oyo reported its first profit in Q2FY2023-24 with a PAT of around ₹16 crore. The unlisted shares of Oyo Rooms present a promising opportunity for prospective investors seeking high ROI in the future. 


Oyo has a lot of scope to capture big markets like America and China. Its business model has a deep impact on the network. They managed to make a profit of ₹16 crore in Q1 2023, which is a first for the company. Last year the company had a loss of around ₹1200 crore and this year their PAT is ₹16 crore. This means that the company is growing like never before and the share price of OYO will also rise and that is why investing in unlisted shares of OYO can be very beneficial.