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Rapido introduces its ‘Bike Pink’ service for female riders and captains in Chennai.

By assigning female captains to their rides, this service will better serve the demands of female passengers.

Rapido will first offer 25 electric bikes to female drivers who are struggling with money issues. Through training programs, female drivers will be given essential safety and driving skills.


Rapido is an Indian bike taxi and delivery service platform. It allows users to book bike rides for various purposes, including commuting, delivery of goods, and more.

Rapido claim that they are not an option, they are a choice . They ‘re #1 choice of 10 Million people because they ‘re the solution of India’s intra-city commuting problems. With assured safety, they also provide economically priced rides.

Rapido has come a long way ever since its inception in 2015. With a lot of hardwork and perseverance they have made a place for themselves in the market. As a brand and as a service, it is their constant endeavor to redefine themselves.



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