Rapido, a logistics and bike taxi aggregator, is preparing to enter the four-wheeler market, which is currently controlled by industry titans like Uber and Ola Cab. Currently, Rapido operates in the two- and three-wheeler segments with a sizable fleet that includes 7 lakh auto-rickshaws and 50 million bike taxis. Rapido thinks it’s time to enter a different market area after spending the previous eight years studying and expanding its market. “In the near future, we will introduce the four-wheeler section.

Rapido thinks it’s time to enter a new market sector after investing eight years in comprehending and expanding its business. The four-wheeler category will soon be introduced by us.

When we have additional details to provide, we’ll keep you informed, said Pavan Guntupalli, one of the co-founders of Rapido, to Businessline.

Guntupalli stressed that there is opportunity for three to four more businesses to enter this category when talking about the competitive environment in the bike taxi industry given the demand. 

He added that even in the most remote areas of the nation, this expansion will ultimately result in the creation of jobs.

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