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Swiggy, a big food tech company, is teaming up with banks and phone companies to introduce combined packages that include Swiggy One subscriptions. They’ve introduced Swiggy One Lite, a special deal for businesses. When people buy phone or bank services like credit cards, they’ll also get Swiggy One included.

Swiggy One gives users discounts and perks like not having to pay for deliveries, whether it’s for food, quick shopping on Swiggy Instamart, booking a table with DineOut, or using the local porter service Genie. Swiggy One costs Rs 1,299 for three months.

Right now, the ‘Swiggy One Lite’ offer is available with Axis Bank, according to insiders.

A spokesperson from Swiggy said, “We’re always looking for ways to let people enjoy Swiggy’s great benefits. Swiggy One is the only membership program in the country that gives you perks for food, groceries, dining out, and pickup and drop services. Now, we’ve introduced Swiggy One Lite, a special deal where we’re partnering with big brands in telecom, banking, and more, so their customers can enjoy Swiggy with Swiggy One Lite.”

“This will include free deliveries for food and groceries and exciting deals on Swiggy’s many services. Brands can bundle Swiggy One Lite with their own products to give their customers a valuable membership,” the spokesperson added.

The company has also launched a credit card with HDFC Bank.

This happens at a time when a US investment firm called Baron Capital has increased the value of its ownership in Swiggy by 33.9 percent to $8.54 billion compared to the previous quarter.

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