Before beginning its ongoing IPO negotiations , Singapore’s investment firm Temasek provided funding of 81,163 Crores to Ola Electric, the largest manufacturer of electric scooters in India. It is anticipated that the company would be valued at $5.4 billion overall. 

In the current year, 1.63 lakh electric scooters have been sold by Ola. The SoftBank Group of Japan is a supporter of Ola Electric. In Tamil Nadu’s Krishnagiri, Ola Electric operates the largest 2W factory in the world. The scooters Ola S1X, priced at 7 89 999, Ola S1 Air, priced at 7 1,19 999, and Ola S1 Pro 2Gen, priced at & 1,47 499 are launched by the company recently. Additionally, four futuristic-looking bikes can be launched  by the company in 2024.

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