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 ANI Technologies, the parent company of Ola, is reportedly considering Hemant Bakshi for the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Bakshi currently serves as the Executive Vice President of Marketplace and Chairman of Unilever in Indonesia. According to an insider, this information was disclosed to YourStory.

The Economic Times initially broke this news, and they cited four sources, suggesting that Ola’s founder, Bhavish Aggarwal, might make an official announcement about Bakshi’s appointment as CEO of Ola Cabs as early as next week. This move is being described as “unprecedented.”

It’s important to note that the new CEO will be appointed for ANI Technologies, as per an independent source of YourStory. Unfortunately, Ola has not responded to YourStory’s request for a comment on this matter.

Bakshi’s potential appointment comes at an interesting time, coinciding with the launch of Bhavish Aggarwal’s new artificial intelligence (AI) and silicon chip company.

Aggarwal mentioned in a previous conversation with YourStory that this company will collaborate closely with NVIDIA. Records from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs indicate that the new AI firm, Krutrim Si Designs Pvt Ltd, was established in April.

In addition to these developments, Bhavish Aggarwal has been busy with cell production at a new facility, scheduled to launch soon, since the inception of Ola Electric. An analyst from Anand Rathi suggested,

“I think this signals that Aggarwal is gearing up with full force for the Ola Electric IPO and its roadshow. He wants to focus on the IPO and the new businesses. He knows his investors want to hear from him now; so this frees up his schedule to focus on other stuff.”

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