SEBI grants Fincare Small Finance Bank permission for IPO.


According to Fincare Small Finance Bank Ltd SEBI has provided final comments on its proposed first public offerings (IPO).The bank intends to generate money through an initial public offering (IPO) by issuing equity shares with a face value of Rs. 10 for each , consisting of a fresh issue of up to Rs. 625 crore […]

In FY23, the operating revenue of the logistics startup Porter doubled to INR 1,753 Cr.

In the fiscal year ,March 31, 2023, Bengaluru-based intra-city logistics company Porter’s operating revenue exceeded INR 1,700 Cr. In the fiscal year 2022–23 (FY 23),Tiger Global recorded operational revenue of INR 1,753.5 Cr, a 2X increase from INR 847.6 Cr the year prior to it. Porter makes money by providing services for the transportation of […]

Rapido introduces the “Bike Pink” service  in Chennai For Women.

Rapido introduces its ‘Bike Pink’ service for female riders and captains in Chennai. By assigning female captains to their rides, this service will better serve the demands of female passengers. Rapido will first offer 25 electric bikes to female drivers who are struggling with money issues. Through training programs, female drivers will be given essential […]

Sterlite Power Expedites Construction Of Mumbai Urja Marg With Help From Helicopter

sterlite power

Sterlite Power, a global player in power transmission, recently completed the construction of a 33-kilometer-long power line in Mumbai with the help of a helicopter. The company used the helicopter to string the power line across a river, which saved time and was cost-effective. The use of the helicopter enabled the company to meet its […]

Byju’s Secures $250M Investment from Davidson Kempner in $1B Funding Round

Byju’s, the renowned edtech giant, has successfully raised a staggering $250 million from Davidson Kempner as part of a significant $1 billion funding round. This substantial investment marks a significant milestone in Byju’s growth trajectory and cements its position as a key player in the education technology industry. The infusion of funds will propel Byju’s […]

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