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Oyo Share Price, Oyo Rooms was established in 2013 by Ritesh Agarwal as a simple solution to the issue of uneven quality and cost in the Indian hotel sector. The business started out by listing low-cost hotels on its platform, advancing their services, and charging reasonable rates for them to tourists. Oyo quickly spread throughout India, breaking into markets outside of the country, including China, Europe, and the US.

Due to Oyo’s explosive growth, major investments have been made by well-known international investors. With hundreds of hotels operating under its brand and a presence in over 80 countries, Oyo is currently among the biggest hotel companies in the world.

The company that owns and runs “oyorooms.com,” an online hotel booking portal, is Oravel Stays Limited (OSL). Across 35 countries, including India, China, Malaysia, Nepal, Indonesia, and the United Arab Emirates, the corporation operates over 157,000 hotels and homes. Oravel Stays Limited was established in 2012, and Gujarat serves as the location of its registered office.

In addition to other facilities, OYO Rooms provides its guests with air-conditioned lodging, breakfast, WiFi, a toilet, a television, etc. The company has paid up capital of Rs. 41.27 crores and authorized capital of Rs. 229.14 crores. 

Oyo’s performance can be affected by a number of things, such as:

The performance of the hotel industry is heavily influenced by the overall status of the economy. A slowdown in the local or national economy could result in a decrease in demand for hotel rooms, which would affect Oyo’s profits.

Oyo faces tough competition from already established hotel chains, online travel agencies, and other competitors. Increased competition may result in price wars and reduced profit margins for the company.

A key component in attracting customers and partners is Oyo’s brand value. Events or negative media coverage that harm the company’s image may have a lasting impact on its business operations.

Currency changes can have an impact on a global company’s revenues, earnings, competitive positioning, and overall financial performance, particularly for businesses that largely rely on foreign markets. Investors keep a careful eye on these swings and evaluate how they can affect a company’s profits and stock prices. 

OYO Share Price Business Model 

Standard and affordably priced lodging for travelers worldwide is the cornerstone of OYO’s business approach. They work with lodging establishments, vacation rentals, and homeowners, providing them with technology solutions to improve their offerings. OYO makes money in a variety of ways, such as commissions from reputable hotels, money taken from clients for bookings, and additional services like meal delivery and travel packages. By offering simple online booking and recommendations, OYO uses technology to enhance the user experience when making reservations. Due to OYO’s well-known brand, property owners may be able to access a wider user base and make money. OYO’s emphasis on affordability, customer satisfaction, and quality control has allowed it to grow quickly and become a significant participant in the hotel industry.

Analysis and Valuation of OYO (Oravel Stays)

Oravel Stays is another name for OYO. Oyo was initially valued in the billions of dollars. Withstanding whatever challenges it may encounter, OYO never stops coming up with fresh concepts and changing its business approach. Investors closely monitor OYO’s performance, considering factors such as revenue growth, market share, and profitability. OYO, a significant player in the hospitality sector, uses technology to offer reasonably priced lodging options all over the world. 

OYO Unlisted Share Price

Face Value ₹ 1 per share
Market Capitalization 6,242 crore
Demat Status CDSL, NSDL
Current Ratio1.57
Code ISIN INE561T01021
OYO Unlisted Share Price45 INR Per Share
Net Profit₹  -2141 Cr
Net Revenue₹ 4905 Cr

How To Buy an OYO Unlisted Shares at Bharat Invest 

The steps for purchasing OYO (Oravel Stays) Unlisted Shares at Bharat Invest are listed below:


Understanding the OYO share price outlook is essential to making wise decisions as investors get ready for 2024. To maximize your investing plan, be on the lookout for market patterns, and think about taking a diversified approach.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can someone new to the stock market buy OYO shares?

Yes, even beginners can invest in OYO, but before making any decisions, it’s best to do research and study or speak with a financial expert.

How can I keep track of the price of OYO’s shares? 

By following financial news, websites, or by checking online platforms you may be informed about OYO’s share price.

What factors influence the OYO share price?

A number of factors, including business performance, market trends, economic conditions, and industry news, might influence OYO’s share price.

How do I purchase shares of OYO?

You can purchase OYO shares on an internet trading platform, or a brokerage can help you purchase OYO shares. Make sure your brokerage account is ready to trade stocks.

What is OYO’s share price right now?

Financial news and stock market websites provide the c`1urrent price of OYO’s shares. To make sure you have the most recent information, check different websites. 

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