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Mohan Meakin Limited is an Indian company based in Himachal Pradesh. It was established in 1855 and has undergone several name changes. The company manufactures various alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic products. It operates manufacturing centres in Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Punjab. The company’s popular products include beer, rum, whisky, brandy, vodka, gin, juices, canned products, cornflakes, wheat porridge, and vinegars.

Its premium brand is Solan Gold Indian Single Malt Whisky. Mohan Maekin exports its products to 16 countries.  The incredible growth rate of the company is enough to define the rising demand for the unlisted shares of  Mohan Meakin.
Its revenue comes from manufacturing and selling alcoholic and non-alcoholic products, as well as royalties from allowing others to manufacture its products in India. Furthermore,

The authorized share capital of the company is Rs 1550 per share, with a face value of Rs 5.

In 2019, Maekin will have a total revenue of 954.13, much more than in 2018. It is a growing company in India. Unlike other companies, the unlisted price of the company is rising. The price of the Mohan Meakin unlisted share available in the market is ₹1300 per year. The company recorded revenue of Rs 177121.29 in 2023, with an operating profit of Rs 9,078. In 2023, there were nine outstanding shares of Mohan Meakin with an EPS of 80.4.

An unlisted share price depends on various factors, including the company’s current performance, market valuation, etc. Mohan is known as one of the most prominent in the craft segment market. It has a strong presence in key international markets such as the UK, USA, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Singapore.