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Goodluck Defense was incorporated on August 30, 2023. The main objective is to specialize in the forging, machining, treatment, and coating of various metals for defense. In various metals for defense applications. Aerospace Limited aims to utilize advanced manufacturing methods such as open fogging, die forging, and robotic forging. Goodluck Defense, established in 1986, brings over three decades of experience in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of metal products and an investment of ₹40 crore. From the parent company, preferential issues will be directed towards. Establishing good luck in defense and aerospace. 

Good luck! Defense will focus on manufacturing 155-mm artillery shells, essential for the howitzer system with a firing range of 24-32 km. These shells offer versatility in military applications, including high-explosive, precision-guided, fragmentation, smoke, and illumination variants. The product variants have varying market prices, with the highest-grade shell (155mm HE, BB AISI 9260) costing between USD 1000 and USD 1200, highlighting Goodluck Defense’s target market segment.

Good luck, Defense and Aerospace Private Limited. Is positioned to make a significant impact in the defense manufacturing sector. Backed by the robot manufacturing background of Good Luck India Limited and an initial interest from Adani Defense and Aerospace, the company is well placed to capitalize on the growing demand for high-quality defense artillery.