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Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd Unlisted Share


Sterlite Power Transmission Unlisted Share Company Details





₹ 2


Current Ratio





₹ 71.94 

P/E Ratio





₹ 5994 Cr



₹ 440 Cr.





Cashflow from Operations


₹ -287 Cr.


About Sterlite Power Transmission Unlisted Share

sterlite power transmission share price
  • STERLITE POWER TRANSMISSION LIMITED is a leading private sector power transmission infrastructure developer and solutions provider, operating in India and Brazil.
  • The company develops integrated power transmission infrastructure and provides solution services through two business units: global infrastructure and solutions. The company Global Infrastructure business unit has a global focus, with operations currently in India and Brazil. Its Solutions business unit consists of the products sub-unit, which manufactures and supplies a wide range of products, including high-performance power conductors, optical ground wire (“OPGW”), and extra-high voltage (“EHV”) cables, and the Master System Integration (“MSI”) sub-unit, which provides bespoke solutions for the upgrade, uprate, and fiberzation of existing transmission infrastructure projects.
  • In addition, it also operate the Convergence business unit, which leverages existing power utility infrastructure for telecommunications purposes by building optical fibre infrastructure on top of existing utility networks.
  • According to CRISIL Research, the company is the largest private player in terms of project portfolio under the interstate TBCB route, with a market share of 26% of transmission projects awarded through the TBCB route. Further, according to data from the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Authority (“ANEEL”), the company has a 13% market share of the transmission projects auctioned by ANEEL in the period January 2017–June 2021.
  • As of the date of this draught red herring prospectus, the company has completed 10 power transmission projects in India and one in Brazil, which it has sold. The company has also sold three projects in Brazil that were in various stages of development. Further, the company currently has 11 projects in various stages of construction and development (five in India and six in Brazil). As of March 31, 2021, the company’s current and sold projects comprised 25 projects, covering approximately 13,700 circuit kilometres (“CKM”) of transmission lines. The company 10 completed projects and five ongoing projects in India span 9,246 km with a total capital expenditure of Rs 244,860 million (US$3.34 billion). Furthermore, the company’s four sold projects and six ongoing projects in Brazil cover a total of 4,416 ckm and have a total capital expenditure of Rs 100,388.06 million (US$ 1.37 billion).
  • The company has the following manufacturing facilities:
  • The journey of the company can be seen through this:

Market Statistics:

  • CRISIL Research expects power demand to rise at a healthy pace of 4% CAGR over fiscal years 2021 to 2025, after a minor decline of 1-2% in fiscal 2021 on account of the economic downturn induced by the COVID-19 outbreak. Demand recovery will be driven by a gradual uptick in the economy, higher domestic demand due to rapid urbanisation, latent demand, and a strong recovery in fiscal 2022 over a lower base. Industrial demand, which forms the largest share of power demand, is expected to see an uptick owing to a gradual recovery in industrial activity over the forecast period.
  • An increase in power demand leads to an increase in business for power transmission infrastructure developers and solutions providers.

Long-Term Drivers and Constraints for Demand Growth

CRISIL Research estimates energy requirements to grow at a CAGR of 5–6% between fiscal years 2022 and 2025 on account of the following factors:

  1. India’s economy is expected to recover slowly after fiscal 2021, with a gradual pick-up in industrial growth over the subsequent 4 years.
  2. The trickle-down effect of the Aatma Nirbhar Bharat relief package, government spending on infrastructure through the National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP), dedicated freight corridors (DFC) infrastructure, service industry expansion, rapid urbanization, and increased farm income from agri-related reforms are key macroeconomic factors that will aid a pickup.



Sterlite Power Transmission Share Price

Sterlite Power Transmission share price is decided on the basis of it’s funding round that it raised from it’s investors. After that, price is decided by the forces of demand and supply as same as listed market. Sterlite Power Transmission share price is Rs 630 per share with a face value of Rs 2. 

Director and Management team of Sterlite Power Transmission Unlisted Share






          Mr.  A. R. NARAYANSWAMY



                                                    NON EXECUTIVE AND INDEPENDENT DIRECTOR

                          Ms. FLORA HAIXIA ZHAO

                                                    NON EXECUTIVE AND INDEPENDENT DIRECTOR

                         Ms. AVAANTIKA KAKKAR

Business Model Of Sterlite Power Transmission Unlisted Share

Sterlite Power Transmission plans, and manages power transmission infrastructure, frequently working together with companies and governments. Selling the capability to transmit electricity to companies or producers of energy under long-term transmission contracts brings in money for the company. Throughout the project, this strategy provides a consistent flow of income. By offering dependable energy transmission solutions, Sterlite Power Transmission hopes to promote economic growth with a focus on efficiency, innovation, and sustainability.

Sterlite Power Transmission Peers

Following are the close Listed Peers of the company:

Sterlite Power Transmission Valuation and Analysis

The resources of Sterlite Power Transmission, including its current transmission lines, ongoing projects, and potential long-term contract sources of income, are normally taken into consideration when assessing the company’s valuation. Analysts take into account variables such as the market demand for power transmission, the regulatory environment, and the quality of the project. Indicators of financial success such as debt levels, profitability, and revenue growth are also important. International issues, competition, and trends in the market all affect valuation. For one to determine Sterlite Power Transmission’s valuation and investment potential, an in-depth study of its assets, finances, and economic conditions is needed.

Sterlite Power Transmission Unlisted Share IPO Details

The company has filed its DRHP and is planning to raise Rs. 1250 crore by issuing equity shares with a face value of Rs. 2 each.

Sterlite Power Transmission Unlisted Share Subsidiaries

1. Sterlite Grid 4 Limited

2. Sterlite Grid 5 Limited

3. Sterlite Grid 6 Limited

4. Sterlite Grid 7 Limited

5. Sterlite Grid 8 Limited

6. Sterlite Grid 9 Limited

7. Sterlite Grid 10 Limited

8. Sterlite Grid 11 Limited

9. Sterlite Grid 12 Limited

10. Sterlite EdIndia Foundation

11. Sterlite Convergence Limited

12. Onegrid Limited

13. Khargone Transmission Limited

14. Sterlite Brazil Participações S.A

15. Vineyards Participações S.A.

16. São Francisco Transmissão de Energia S.A.;

17. SE Vineyards Transmissão de Energia S.A.;

18. Borborema Transmissão de Energia S.A.;

19. Goyaz Transmissão de Energia S.A.;

20. Marituba Transmissão de Energia S.A.;

21. Solaris Transmissão de Energia S.A.;

22. Borborema Participações S.A. and many more

Sterlite Power Transmission Unlisted Share Board Members

Sterlite Power Transmission Unlisted Share Consolidated Results

Profit and Loss Statement

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Balance Sheet

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*figures in Cr

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Sterlite Power Transmission Unlisted Share FAQs

Please find below the procedure for buying Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd Unlisted Shares/Pre-IPO shares at Bharat Invest.

  • You confirm booking of Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd Unlisted Shares/Pre-IPO shares with us at a specified price.
  • You have to provide your client master report along with PAN Card and Cancelled Cheque in case you are not transferring funds from the bank account as mentioned in the CMR Copy. These are KYC documents required as per SEBI regulations.
  • We will provide our bank details.
  • You need to transfer funds in the current account of bharatinvest.
  • No cash deposit is accepted
  • Payment has to be done from the same account in which shares are to be credited.
  • We ensure delivery of Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd  unlisted shares within 24 hours.
  • Incase of non-availability of shares, we refund the amount to the same bank account within 24 hours.
  • For detailed discussion, you can contact us via any medium.

Please find below the procedure for selling Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd  Unlisted Shares/Pre-IPO shares at Bharat Invest.

  • We will confirm our buying price of Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd  Unlisted Shares/Pre-IPO shares.
  • We will give you our client master report and you will transfer the Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd  Unlisted Shares/Pre-IPO shares to our demat account.
  • We will transfer the funds in your bank account within 24 hours of receiving the Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd  Unlisted Shares/Pre-IPO shares.
  • All the transactions will be bank to bank.
  • Payment will be given in the same account which is linked to demat account or you need to provide the cancelled cheque shows your name to verify.
  • You can contact us through any medium for a detailed discussion. 


  • The lockin period is of 6 months for pre-ipo investors i.e. they cannot sell their shares for 6 months after they get listed. However, they can definitely sell the shares in pre-ipo market before they get listed.


  • With BharatInvest , you can now invest in unlisted/pre-ipo shares with as low as 25-50k depending upon the share.


  • You can download the NSDL or CDSL application and login into the account and check whether the shares have been credited or not.
  • Credit of Unlisted Shares/Pre-IPO shares Unlisted Shares can be checked in brokers application as well but it takes T+2 days to show the shares.


  • The value of share in unlisted space is determined in the same way as it is done in listed market. Demand and supply decide the price of any share. If the demand more than the supply, then the prices of the share increases and vice versa.
  • When a new shares is introduces in the unlisted space, the value of the company is decided upon the last funding raised by company. If the company hasn’t raised any funding in the past, then the valuation is decided upon the fundamentals of the company.


  • All the transactions are done DEMAT to DEMAT. All the unlisted shares traded with us are available in demat accounts and are transferred to your demat within 24 hours of payment.


Yes, buying or selling of unlisted shares are legal in India. But one should be caution while investing money because the market for unlisted assets is illiquid, risky, and unregulated.

Invest your money in Sterlite Power Transmission Limited Unlisted Shares, Any of investment has a certain risks that you should carefully consider. 


  • Liquidity Risks: Unlisted shares are not listed like other shares on public stock exchanges. This is why unlisted shares has lower liquidity compared to listed shares. It meant you will have to face difficulty to find buyers when you want to sell your shares.
  • Unpredictability in Price: Price of Sterlite Power Transmission Limited Unlisted Shares can be more unpredictable as compared to listed shares. This is because of lack of regular public trading and the limited information available about the company’s financial health and performance.
  • Less information available: Unlisted companies often have less information available in the public market. This can create problems in assessing a company’s true value and growth. This will also create problems in investments.
  • No Confirmation Regarding Future Listing: There is no confirmation whether Sterlite power transmission will get a future listing or not. This can create issues in investing. This can also affect the company valuation and pricing of shares.
  • Authoritative Risks:  Unlisted shares are more prone to authoritative risks than listed shares. Any changes in the laws or regulations of the company may have an impact on the value of shares and trade
  • Company-Related Risks: Each company has its own risks. The company’s market position also keeps on changing based on the trends in the market. This can have an impact on the performance of your investments.

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